Sunday, December 14, 2008

On A Mission Today

Mr. B is off to process his deer from earlier this year. Some how we tricked Miss L into going along to his uncles house with him. Hopefully a favorite cousin will be there, or she might be pissed. After quick showers little s and I are off to get the last few things on my list. Hopefully I will then be done until after Christmas. I have a few others to buy for but since we won't be seeing them until later, I can wait and we can spread the money out over 1 more payday.

I forgot to mention that with all my coupons to Sears, I got the girls Christmas pictures taken for $5.34 with tax. (I always get the package it works great for us, and then I don't have to decide who gets what pose.) But last night I discovered that I still have a whole other set of the same coupons. So I am thinking of having a family picture with the 4 of us. And I am in love with Gymboree's new Wild One line. Perfect excuse to buy these jumpers for the girls. What do you think, wouldn't it be perfect with Mr. B and I in black? Just some middle of the night shopping when I can't fall back to sleep after I get the girls back to bed.

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