Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Meaning of Christmas

I think it is odd that this is the first year that we have not had to put Christmas on credit. All of my family is cutting back. Several grandparents are not buying gifts at all, and I completely understand. The economy sucks, and everyone feels they must save. It really feels good to be the giver this year. You know the saying, "Giving is better than receiving." I am totally feeling it. Since I have become an adult and felt the need to buy everyone Christmas gifts myself, I have been ashamed at the measly present I am giving while opening something pretty nice. I know we are lucky to be in the position that we are right now. As an adult Christmas does bring a new meaning with it, and as a parent it brings even more. I am in anticipation of my children's faces Christmas morning. I am more excited about this than any gift I could possibly imagine.

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