Friday, January 9, 2009

A Next to Last Day Filled with Surprises

I was truly surprised yesterday as I was called downstairs at work to help someone with a PDA problem and found most of my co-workers having a surprise going away party for me. This was not my first surprise of the day however. My boss had a dozen red roses delivered and waiting on my desk with a sweet card when I arrived at work yesterday afternoon. After all the sweet cards, gift cards and even some cash, I really felt appreciated. And even a bit of pride in my work and willingness to stay just a bit a longer had not gone unnoticed.

Today is my last day. It is a little bittersweet. Although I have never made a lot of money, I have a strange feeling no longer working. I know how much I will enjoy being with my children, but I feel I am also giving up something. Is it financial freedom, having that little amount of fun money every month, or just a break from the job of being mom for just a few hours everyday. I am really not sure. I am however grateful for the experiences and lessons I have learned at what I consider to an enjoyable job.

I am giving my self a break this weekend before I start my new job, SAHM. But who am I kidding does a mom really ever get a break. No, I am sure I will be doing laundry, washing dishes, wiping butts and filling sippy cups. But come Monday, I will have one less stress on me, but I guess I will also have a new one. I have to start cooking dinner.

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