Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Gift Delima

This is what I want for Mother's Day: Nelle & Lizzy's Triple Ring. Thing is, Mr. B is not allowed to purchase stuff online. I can tell some pretty humorous (after the fact) stories of some not so good purchases he has made. Therefore his online purchasing power has been denied or must first be approved. He knows I want the ring and has joked that I will have to order it if that is what I want. Although he has never flat out said go ahead and order that ring. Combine that with the fact that I couldn't until yesterday. I usually purchase my own gifts with the exception of two that were major surprises. Did I marry a bad gift giver or am I just guaranteed to get what I want when I am buying it myself?

P.S. I know I have promised ultrasound pics. I also have an adorable video of little s from her b-day party. Why am I so lazy? I have time to blog, but getting up and getting the stuff required to do this just sounds so unappealing.

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Dana said...

That triple ring is awesome. Hey, I'd much prefer getting something I actually wanted instead of something not so great....even if it means buying it myself. So, my question to you....what's his name going to be? Can you tell me? Or is it a secret? Another cool site for jewelry is it was the one place I was able to get a custom necklace with all 5 names on it. Looks like I'll have to do a little something different now! I don't think they could fit more!!!

As for this pregnancy, it does feel different in that I've been having pretty constant abdominal pain. That's definitely different. Food is NOT my friend but neither is NOT eating! It really stinks. My 4th pregnancy, I carried just like my mom carried HER girls. Down to not gaining until 6 mos and then WHAMMO, huge weight gain. Even 4 ultrasounds confirmed what I already knew...I was having a girl. I hope the US tech tells me that again because if it's even a possibility, the chances are greater....

I do have a feeling I'm having a boy. Not a feeling so much as just a general prediction. My track record has shown nothing else could be true......

How about you? Did you think it was a boy this time? Do you feel different?