Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh the Wonderful Joys of Pregnancy

I have a confession. I can not sleep in bed with my husband lately. I have been sleeping on the couch and then around 4am, about the time he is getting up for work, I move to the bed. I can not stand anyone touching me while I sleep right now. It drives me nuts. And it really isn't just touching, it is close proximity. I can't even stand my girls being that close to me. Well, tonight he fell asleep on the couch. I am sitting here on the other end and really considering heading to bed in hopes that he doesn't wake up anytime soon and I get the whole bed to myself. I feel so mean, but I am even meaner when I don't get much sleep. So good night.

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Dana said...

I totally get it. You poor thing. Have you talked to your hubby about this? If not, maybe you should. Maybe something better than you always sleeping on the couch can be worked out. I can't imagine that's great on your body.... Pregnancy can really stink at times.

My 2 yr old has been up LATE at night lately. He's squirmy and loud and just not tired. It's turned me into a monster and I've found myself getting angry at him several times which makes me feel just terrible (he's SUCH a sweetie)
Yesterday, I even tried shortening his naptime in the hopes that he'd fall asleep at a more decent time and be a little quieter. I just can't do those 1am nights anymore right now!