Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Works for Us - Laundry Edition

I am starting a new series of things we do around here that I think makes my life a little easier. Thought I would share a few things that work for us, but I am also always looking for new ideas on ways to make things even better. So I would appreciate any suggestions.

So here goes, the never ending laundry game. I like to think I have this area under control and sometimes I do, but there are times it rules my life. Our house was built in the 40's so my "laundry room" (if you can even call it that) is in the dungeon. Which in theory is not bad since it is usually the messiest, but it is also messier because no one sees it. I will not embarrass myself with pictures. My laundry room also doubles as my closet. Mr. B hung something (no idea what) almost half the length of the basement for my clothes and then I have a few tubs of other things. That actually really works well since I probably have the most clothes (although the girls are quickly catching up). I also hang them straight from the dryer, so not much of a wrinkly mess.

My goal is one load a day. That means one load put in the washing machine, the day before's load moved to the dryer and the load from the dryer is put up. It took me a long time to get here. But if you take a few days and get on top of everything, I am sure that you too can get to this place. (Just so you know thanks to a 4 year old who has been having several accidents at night my system has been screwed up lately.)

I keep a small basket in the hallway next to the bathroom. My girls know where it is and use it. Once it gets pretty full I take it downstairs and sort. I wash the girls clothes together, everything blankets, whites and darks in cold water. This sort also helps with stains. I use spray and wash with resolve and spray it when I am sorting so even if I don't make it to that load for a few days it is treated. Mr. B and I's laundry is sorted into whites and darks. I add bleach to the whites every time. So I am careful as to what I throw in there. Then of course are the towels which are my weakness. I will admit I let these sit too long and they are gross. We trash a lot of towels.

When the girls were still babies, I used dreft and cheaper off brand laundry soap for their clothes. I kept a separate hamper in their room. On their changing table I kept one of these.It worked great for blow outs and little s's reflux.

Love to know what works for you. Comment here or on your own blog. Just leave me a comment so I can check it out.

P.S. When I went to the Spray and Wash Website, I found two coupons. You can check them out and print here.


Michelle said...

I do the same "one load a day" rule you do. Since I have all boys, there's almost always mud and grass stains on every piece of clothing they wear. I have to use soemthing tougher than Spray-N-Wash, so I buy Soilove online, since it's not available in stores where I live.

In short, I despise laundry. There's nothing I hate more than laundry.

Lauren said...

I am not looking forward to the little boy stains.

Dana said...

My laundry is done a little differently here. When the boys will actually bring me their clothes I have no choice but to do a minimum of 2 loads a day. I know, it's a lot but there are MANY boys and if I don't keep up on it, the laundry room (inconveniently located in MY bathroom) smells like a locker room. (Again....MY bathroom! UGH)
I do use spray and wash as well as various other products in a feeble attempt to rid the pants of dirt and grass stains. We have hard water though, so I feel like things don't get as clean as I wish they were. I don't really like to wash my clothes with the boys....but sometimes I have to. No, I'm not a diva, their stuff just reeks!