Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's Think About the Things We Say

Sometimes I wonder what in the world I am doing reading some of the stuff I spend my time looking at in the big ol' world wide web everyday. It really makes me question some peoples' common sense and decency.
I am not a big commenter. Although I try but half the time my thoughts are interrupted with butt wiping, juice cup making and a curious climbing two year old. But the effort people make to bash some one else in a comment section amazes me. This week alone I have seen someone ask for homeschool curriculum suggestions and get bashed on their choice along with claims her children were trouble makers. Or how about bashing a family for not owning Britax car seats.
I will admit I may read something and roll my eyes. But leave a really mean comment bashing someone personally. Umm no. I like to think I have a little more common courtesy than that. Truthfully I like to think I don't know the whole story. Don't you. I mean really do you ever get every little detail of a situation explained in full when you blog? I don't. Also, I know that I read things and interrupt things different than the way you may have intended. We don't all think alike.
I just don't understand why people, especially other moms, are so hard on one another. Does it make us feel better about ourselves to criticize one another? Are we so faceless on the internet that we feel we can say anything and not have to live with the consequences? I have never had to question something that I have commented. If I wouldn't say it to your face, I wouldn't say in in your comment section. If some one is asking for advice why comment just to bash. If you don't have experience in the area and have nothing positive to offer why waste your time commenting?
Just remember, a blog belongs to someone. They pour their feelings and part of their life into it. Didn't your mama teach you, "Treat others as you want to be treated."

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