Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Update

Bullet Style because my brain works better like that these days.
  • Ultrasound Thursday afternoon to see if my placenta has moved. If so no c-section. If not, repeat ultrasound 4 weeks later. The final decision would be made then. I have such mixed feelings on having a c-section. With a 2 and 4 year old to take in consideration, a scheduled delivery is ideal, but I don't want the recovery from a c-section.
  • Still haven't found a new vehicle or car seat combination that would work in my car. We are looking, and it is stressing me out more than anything these days. Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe things.
  • I had a charlie horse two nights ago. My calf still hurts so bad, it is hard to walk. I have increased water, calcium and potassium. (Because if you ask anyone they give you a different answer as to what causes them.)
  • My hormones are out of wack completely. Cops (the TV show) made me cry last night. I snap at my girls for barely anything. They have to think I am nuts. I can not stand to be touched, much less treated like a jungle gym.
  • Rhogam - check
  • Glucose - check
  • Iron - check

So I am ready. I keep thinking things will be easier once he is here. What 3 kids easier? Probably not, I am just to the uncomfortable, can't bend over, can barely pick up my kids, feet swelling point of pregnancy. I just keep thinking about what I can do once he is here and what I can't do right now. I am a pretty independent person. If I want something done, I just do it. I have to constantly remind myself that I probably shouldn't lift that.

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Dana said...

You poor thing! I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy. Pregnany can be so hard. I can't much farther along are you than me? I'm just now hitting 29 weeks.