Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I had great plans to post this morning about our adventures at the only Cardinals game we will probably make it to this year. We went last night and the weather was perfect. The girls even wore long sleeves. In the middle of July in St. Louis, that is a miracle in itself. I was also going to include some adorable pics of my girls decked out in their Cardinals gear. But we got to the game, I took my camera out of the diaper bag and it wouldn't work. It had been charging for a few hours before we left so I knew the battery wasn't dead. Then it finally came on and stayed on the start up screen forever. Once it finally got to a place that I could take pics, it just said card unreadable. I really wanted to cry right there. I love that camera. It is an HP that I got right before Miss L was born. I finally had the settings just right, figured out how to take videos, actually knew how to use the features of the camera. I am going to play around with it today just to make sure there is nothing I can do to fix it. Any advice would be appreciated. My luck will involve me getting it to work properly, but come September, we will be in a delivery room and it will not work.

Back to the game. We had decent seats that included a underground bathroom/snack bar area. Would not have ever known it was there if it wasn't for an usher. She saw the girls getting restless and thought a change in scenery might be good. She also told us about a little play area for toddlers. Wish I knew about it a long time ago. The only thing is they must wear socks. Who wears socks in July? So I did something beyond stupid. I paid $10 a pair in a team store for socks. But it passed the time and the girls ran and played for the rest of the game. I stayed and watched them while Mr. B enjoyed the game in peace.

ETA: I got my camera working, just not reading any of the memory cards. I am guessing that the card reader is now bad. So the debate will now be whether or not I should spend the cash on a new camera or just deal with only being able to take 15 pictures at once.

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