Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Man - 6 weeks

I had great intentions of doing this at 1 month, but just like his 1 month pics, I am running 2 weeks behind.

Weight: 10 lbs 7 ozs

Size 1 diapers

0-3 month clothes (I actually packed up newborn clothes that he out grew last night :( I really wanted to cry.)

He has been on zantac since 3 days old for reflux but it is helping a ton. At 5 days old he rolled over from his tummy to his back and has several times since then. But only when he is mad or hungry. Don't believe me, here is proof.

I have yet to see a real smile, but I am hoping it comes any day. That little grin in his sleep is absolutely adorable so I can't wait to see those eyes light up with it.

Little man is also a great sleeper. He only gets up once during the night. I think he would sleep 22 hours a day if it wasn't for 2 big sisters and a paci falling out.

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