Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally an Update!

Sorry it's been so long. Life has gotten in the way. Christmas totally wiped me out especially since we drug it out all the way into mid January. Add to the sickness and just the day to day stuff, I have been one busy Momma!

Little s has been battling sinus infections since November. We are on either 5 or 6 right now, I can't remember. So she is doing 20 days of antibiotic, and if this doesn't work we will be headed to an ENT. She is enrolled in the two day program at Miss L's preschool for next year. She needs some socialization. I can't blame her though. She has always had Miss L there to talk for her and to follow around.

Miss L is still loving preschool. We have been checking out schools for kindergarten. I am pretty sure we have made our final decision and will be enrolling her next month. I can't believe the time has come. It really does seem like she should still be little man's age.

Little man is not so little anymore. Although he had his clothes on yesterday at the doctor, he weighted 17 lbs 5 ozs. The girls weren't even 20lbs at their first birthdays, and he is only 5 months. We found out he had his first ear infection yesterday. I was actually surprised. You couldn't tell by how he was acting. I took him in for his cough.

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