Saturday, February 13, 2010

When will my children learn the real meaning of Saturday?

It has taken awhile, but I have finally come to the understanding that Saturdays just aren't days of fun and something to look forward to. Mr. B manages a grocery store. So you can imagine the Saturdays he is off are rare. This leaves me home alone with 3 kids, none of which know what sleeping late means. Which by the way should be the real meaning of a Saturday.

After trying to trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep after little man's 6am wake up call I gave up. You see after putting little man in his exersaucer, a 4 YO come in and asking me ridiculous questions every 2.5 minutes and a 2 YO who magically ended up in my bed sometime last night taking up over half my space and kicking the covers off of me every time I pulled them back up I called it quits.

My butt has been permanently planted on the couch, getting up when no one is looking so I don't have to do anything extra when I am up. I am catching up on blogs that have been sitting in my feeder for months. Somehow I can not summon the courage to hit mark all as read. (You should feel important, I don't want to miss anything in your lives.)

This old t-shirt is covered in little man's amoxicilin, cream cheese from breakfast, a spot that I am guessing could only be poop and I am sure some spit up (because I haven't worn a shirt without spit up in the last 5 months). So as I sat here contemplating a shower or at least a change of clothes I realized I just feed little man with the last clean bottle. So as any responsible mom/housewife would I unloaded enough dishes from the dishwasher that I could cram the bottles in, added some soap and turned it on. That's right I am one big lazy slob today.

But in my quick attempts at bottle washing, I was busted. In came two girls with requests for cereal and applesauce. Apparently the handfuls of goldfish just weren't cutting it. By the way little s preceded to paint the table with her applesauce.

All of that wonderful description of my typical Saturdays to say why can't my kids just sleep late? We could have so much fun in the afternoons since we will all be well rested, right? We are never going to have excitement pack family fun on Saturdays, but we can sleep past 7am, Okay little people.

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