Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Baby Girl

Spending these last few days alone with little s has been so special. She is the second child. The one you don't take enough pictures of, the one that doesn't get that one on one attention, the one who is so laid back and didn't have a mom hovering over her every second from the moment she was born.

Although crankey from her shots, she has been so jubilant with all the attention dwelling on her. Her little giggles fill the day. The snuggles and kisses have been too numerous to count. She has explored toys that are usually yanked from her hands the minute she discovers them. I have spent the time that she deserves playing in the living room floor. Showing her tricks she did not even know the toys did. This is such an amazing age, watching her learn and accomplish new tasks everyday. There have been very few cries and screams in my house the last few days. There is no big sis there to pester and pretend to be her mommy. But, each morning I have seen a confused and sad look on little s's face as she searches for her big sis, her playmate.

I will always treasure this time with little s. L was around this age when I got pregnant with little s. So these last few days have brought back memories, but also made new ones.

So until tomorrow evening, I will continue to put the laundry and dishes aside and continue my at home vacation with little s. We'll play and sing and dance and read and pretend that it is just the two of us. Because that second child can sometimes be outshined by the first.

We tried and tried for that perfect picture.

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Kaza said...

What a cutie she is! I have no idea how I found you, but it must have been through SITS I'm thinking. Cute blog!