Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Precious Caylee

It keeps getting worse. Things don't look to good for this precious little girl. Stories like this break my heart. I know, as a mother we all have our bad days. Days that we just want to run out our front door screaming. Days we spend a few extra minutes locked in the bathroom. But I have never once had an ounce of desire to harm my child. I'll admit, I have put my child screaming crying in her bed and walked outside where I could not hear her for a few minutes to cool down.

I am not saying that this mother is guilty, but she knows something. And I think the grandmother does too. How could you allow you child to be missing for weeks and not go to the police. I don't care who is threatening you.

I just hope that as a mother, as an adult, and as a human being that you would seek help before acting in rage. As a parent, we are our child's advocate. And I will lose any job before I left my child with someone I did not 100% trust. When the truth comes out about this little girl, I pray that it is good news.

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my2boyz said...

I found your blog through AFRo! This story is making me sick to my stomach. What kind of mother would show such little concern for her "missing" daugher? The more I hear about this story the sicker it makes me. Of course she knows something!!