Friday, December 19, 2008

A Little Snuggle Goes a Long Way

Each morning I give my girls a bath. After they are all soaped and rinsed, I first get Miss L out of the tub, wrap her up in her towel and send her off to her room. Then it's little s's turn.
After she is all bundled in her towel I pick her up to take her to her room. She snuggles in closely and lays her head on my shoulder. It is such a nice moment, and one that I make last a few extra seconds. My girls are getting so big these days. I no longer get those little snuggles through out the day they are just to busy for that.


sandy said...

Snuggle them now. I learned with my boys that they grow up way too quickly!

Ally said...

I agree kids grow up so fast! I still sneak in a few hugs & kisses with mine and it makes my day so much better. =)