Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend News

Yesterday was a boring day spent at home. It's too cold here to do anything. Suppose to be 8 degrees tonight. I am not actually sure I have felt it that cold.

Today we went and finally meet our friends' adorable baby girl who was born right before Thanksgiving. So between trips out of town, colds and ice we finally made it over for a visit. We won't even get back into the whole baby fever thing.

On to other things, I am chopping my hair off tomorrow. Not sure how much, but I will make that decision depending on my mood when I get there in the morning. I always do what ever I am feeling at that moment when it comes to my hair. This is one of the few times I have actually had an appointment. Next, I am looking for a cheap Elf On The Shelf set. It is so close to Christmas that it is not worth paying $30.00 but I think it will be a great tradition to start next year. So if you see any cheap ones let me know. Thinking I may find a deal during the after Christmas sales.

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