Monday, December 22, 2008

What happened to global warming?

The wind chill here last night was -6. Woke up to temps of 8 degrees and of course I had to go to work early this morning. I do not live that far north, and I am sure that I have never felt it this cold before, especially on the first day of winter. I do not think our heat kicked off for more than 5 minutes last night. (We don't have much insulation.) So what happened to global warming? I think some one has fed Al Gore a load of crap.

I may turn into a ice cube before this is over with, and my poor children are going to forget what it is like to leave the house. Like I am going to freeze to death buckling and unbuckling car seats 20 times just to run some errands.

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Jen said...

hey yeah, I thought we had global warming going on too. Whats up? All I know is that this snow and cold can stop anytime.